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    Quality Manage

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    Quality Manage

    Huarui filter paper Co.,Ltd is the first company which transfer every aspect of the production information for more accurate monitoring with entirely computer databases in China,This allows more accurate monitoring for each link of the production,and the product quality can be traced precisely to production time, production staff, production process (wood pulp ratio, ratio of latex, drying temperature, moisture, etc)

    Quality management in production process

    Huarui filter paper Co.,Ltd,all aspects of production(wood pulp mixing, latex ratio, the ratio of pigment, dryer temperature); products detection and equipment operation status are all written records;Filter paper surface,grammage, uniformity, moisture content are computer automatic monitoring, Finished product (grammage, air permeability, pore size, stiffness, Burst Strength) sampling and production track record, All products will be sampled,samples retained for three months.

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