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    Several points should be considered in the selection of filter paper

    2022-04-21 08:49:45

    The technical indicators of filter paper can be mainly divided into two aspects, one is the filtering characteristics of the filter paper, and the other is the physical characteristics. Filtration properties include air permeability, air resistance, maximum pore size, and average pore size. Physical properties include basis weight, thickness, stiffness, corrugation depth, burst resistance, resin content, etc.

    Quantitative: refers to the quality of filter paper per square meter, unit: g/m? .

    Thickness: refers to the thickness of the filter paper, excluding the corrugated depth. Unit: mm.

    Air resistance: The resistance of filter paper to air flow. It is expressed by the pressure drop value obtained by passing 85 liters of air through 100 cm2 of filter paper in one minute. The unit is mbar. or the height of the water column (mm).

    Corrugated depth: the depth of the groove pressed to enhance the longitudinal stiffness of the filter paper, the unit is: mm. In general, its value is 0.2mm.

    Air permeability: Under a certain area and a certain pressure (20 mm water column), the amount of air passing through the filter paper per unit time. The unit is: L/m2·s.

    Nominal filtration accuracy: refers to the ability of filter paper to retain particles of a certain size, and the particle size of tiny spheres that can be retained or filtered out is 50%. Unit: μm.

    Maximum pore size: the void size calculated by the pressure when the first bubble emerges from the filter paper sample during the test. Unit: μm.

    Average pore size: The pore size calculated by the pressure during "dense" bubbling is called the average pore size. The unit is: μm.

    Resin content: the percentage of resin in the weight of the filter paper. Generally 10%~30%

    Stiffness: The filter paper has the ability to resist deformation. Unit: mg.

    Bursting strength: the maximum pressure that the filter paper can withstand per unit area. Unit: kPa.


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