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    Introduction to the characteristics of industrial filter paper

    2022-04-21 08:52:04

    The industrial filter paper has high tensile strength and small coefficient of variation. It adopts advanced web-forming technology, forming and reinforcement, so that the tensile strength is enhanced and stable, and the initial strength and use strength are kept consistent. The industrial filter paper has high filtration precision and high use efficiency. It uses a combination of polyester fiber and polymer membrane, and the selected filter material can meet the precision requirements specified by the user. The filter material is not corroded by the cutting fluid, does not change the chemical properties of the cutting fluid, and can be used normally within the range of -40°C to 120°C. The selected filter material can withstand the mechanical force and temperature of the filter equipment, and the wet breaking strength of the filter material used for cutting fluid will not decrease.

    It is required that the filter material has a large porosity, a small filtration resistance, and a large throughput. At the same time, it requires a strong dirt-holding capacity, which can improve the filtration efficiency, prolong the service life, reduce the consumption of the filter material, and reduce the filtration cost.

    The main advantage of the filter paper centralized supply system is that it can effectively remove the oil slick and metal particles in the grinding fluid by centrifugal treatment, and also remove half of the bacteria in the grinding fluid (because the bacteria are easily in the grinding fluid. growth on the interface between floating oil and metal particles). Continuous removal of these contaminants, regular quality inspections and, based on the results of these inspections, the planned use of additives or the addition of stock fluids are all important factors that make the centralized system very effective in extending the life of the cutting fluid. This also reduces the disposal of water-soluble grinding fluid waste.


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