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    How fuel filter paper works

    2022-04-21 08:52:40

    The general fuel filter adopts a star-shaped filter paper folding structure. Inside this type of fuel filter, the folded filter paper is connected to both ends of the plastic or metal filter. After the dirty oil enters, the outer wall of the filter passes through the layers of the filter. The filter paper reaches the center after filtering, and clean fuel flows out. This filter paper generally adopts corrugated fuel filter paper.

    Higher-end engines use high-precision filter paper and screw-type fuel filter. Different from the star-shaped fuel filter, its filter paper is wrapped on the center tube, which has a high space utilization rate. Within the same space size, it can accommodate larger The filter area is generally 3 times that of the star filter. After the dirty oil enters, it is directly filtered by the filter paper and then flows out, and the impurity particles are retained in the groove of the filter paper. This kind of fuel filter has better performance and can make the fuel filter more precise.


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