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    Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter Media (Nanofiber Filter Media)

    Due to Gas turbine air filter working in complex environment and conditions(it’s required durability, long service life, and changeable environmental factors...) So must request the filter media have high efficiency with low resistance, high dust holding capacity, high water resistance and stable performance...

    Our media can meet all of these requirement. We produce different filter efficiency paper(EN779: M6, F7, F8, F9) with different material.(cellulose/synthetic blend, cellulose/synthetic blend and compound with PTB melt-brown, cellulose/synthetic blend with Nano coating...)Our media already export to kinds of Country and get positive feedback.

    • Product description

    Produce descriptions:


      Cellulose/synthetic blend

      Cellulose/synthetic blend with PBT melt-brown



      Flame Retardant/Water Resistance:





      High Efficiency,Low Pressure Drop

      Excellent Pulse Cleanability

      High DHC, High Water Resistance



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