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    Popular Recommendation/Save Money, Save Fuel, Working More Than 50000kms!

    Market competition has become increasingly fierce.We are in a highly competitive market.

    Even many big filter factories are searching lower cost filter media but with high quality from China instead of Alstrom, HV...paper. We did it !

    Super Synthetic Fibre Filter Paper for outer HD(50% synthetic, 50% cellulose)

    High efficiency 25%, fluffy paper with less pleating numbers, save cost. With high water resistance and long working time more than 50000kms. 100kms save 2-2.5liters, fuel consumption save.

    Super Synthetic Fibre Filter Paper for Safety inner HD(80% synthetic, 20% cellulose)

    More than 80% synthetic, with 1800L/m2.s air permeability. Fluffy paper with less pleating numbers, save cost.

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      80% Synthetlc

      20% Cellulose



      Flame Retardant/Water Resistance:



      OEM, OES



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